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Image the ultimate Canyoning adventure, discover


30/03 - 02/04


Explore the hidden parts of the Blue Mountains

Join me on this 4 days adventure across the blue mountains. You will be exploring Canyons at day and night, giving us a prime chance to see glowworms capturing those unique walls.

We provide:

4 days trip

with day/night

canyoning trips,

sunrise/sunset & waterfall, 

tuition fees, and many more.... 

3 Nights



Try a large range of NiSi & Gitzo in this workshop, thanks to

NiSi, Georges Camera & Gitzo.


It's simple, we take care of transportation from Sydney !


Safety is a priority, we partnered with certified BMAC guides.

Sunset in Lincoln rock
Safety first!
Sunrise & Sunset!
Canyoning at night!
We equip you
Magical Sunset


Have you ever seen Glow-worms? in Canyons?The concept of this Photo tour is different - we want to help you as much as possible. To create a truly unique community to grow your creativity in one of the most unique place.

We pick you up from Sydney. Georges Cameras, NiSi and Gitzo will be providing gears at no extras cost (cost > $2000 per person) for this 4 day tour.  BMAC  will assist us in order to explore safely canyons and cliffs at Day and Night. You will be equipped!


Jen from youlivetotravel will manage the logistics, while I will focus on the photographic experience with you!

We will be exploring 3 Canyons at DAY and Night, will photograph hanging rock, flat rock for sunrise/sunset + I will show you some really cool waterfall to photograph. 

I will be teaching you some really easy-fast way to edit your photos for the press, aswell as improving story-telling. And who knows, if you match the bar, you might end up in a photography magazine really soon ;)

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